Сеть Глобального
Договора в Беларуси

Конкурс на должность исполнительного директора

29 Мая 2023

Сеть Глобального договора в Беларуси проводит открытый конкурс на должность исполнительного директора Сети Глобального договора в Беларуси. Кандидатов просим высылать резюме и мотивационное письмо до 16.06.2023 включительно.


Global Compact Network Belarus (GCNB)  Executive Director

Terms Of Reference

Appointment of Global Compact Network Belarus Executive Director (GCNB ED)

The GCNB Board appoints a GCNB ED to head the GCNB Secretariat. The GCNB ED is the most senior person of the GCNB Secretariat. The GCNB ED is authorized to sign the Annual Agreement with the UN Global Compact.

Duties of GCNB Executive Director

The GCNB ED’s responsibilities as highlighted in the GCNB ED Terms of References (TOR) include:

  • Overseeing and executing GCNB’s strategy, value proposition and associated programmes
  • Representing the GCNB within the UN Global Compact as well as externally vis-à-vis companies, Governments, UN, media and others
  • Advancing thought-leadership in current and emerging areas of corporate sustainability
  • Reporting to the GCNB Board and managing Board relations including taking and presenting minutes of all meetings; and collecting and circulating any relevant information to the Board
  • Managing the day-to-day operations of the GCNB, including human resources, budgeting and financials, participant communications, event management and fundraising
  • Overseeing recruitment and retention activities including pitching the Local Network’s value proposition and supporting Global Compact companies and other organizations’ efforts in meeting reporting requirements
  • Maintaining regular communication with the Global Compact Office (GCO), responding to GCO consultations and reporting requests, ensuring full alignment with Local Network Quality Standards, and safeguarding the UN Global Compact’s integrity and brand
  • Overseeing the organization of the annual General Assembly and maintaining mechanisms to feed participant feedback into GCNB strategy and programmes
  • Managing strategic partnerships including with other UN agencies
  • Organizing the General Assembly
  • Updating the GCNB’s profile on the Knowledge Sharing System (KSS) and the Local Network Hub
  • Reporting GCNB activities on the Local Network Hub in a timely manner;
  • Responding to daily inquiries of Global Compact Participants;
  • Maintaining a Global Compact participant and Board membership list
  • Maintaining a GCNB staff list

Qualifications of GCLN ED:

The GCNBED has the following qualifications as highlighted in the GCNB ED TOR:

  • Proven knowledge on sustainability related topics including on the Sustainable Development Goals and on the UN Global Compact’s thematic areas of human rights, labour, anti-corruption, and the environment as well as  a solid understanding on the latest sustainability trends in Belarus
  • Strong ties with the business community
  • Strong written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills to pitch the Local Network’s value proposition
  • Experience in strategic planning and implementation
  • A minimum of seven years of experience in project or programme management
  • Experience in event planning
  • Experience in managing a team, reporting to a Board and engaging with senior executives
  • Strong knowledge of English for regular communication in verbal and non-verbal form is strongly required

Employment description:

  • Full time employment

We accept yor applications from May, 29 till June, 16, 2023. All interested candidates should send CV and motivation letter to the e-mail: 17@globalcompact.by

From 19.06 to 23.06.2023 we will conduct interviews with selected candidates. Final decision should be made by June, 28, 2023. 

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